We are very proud to report that the reinstatement of overthrow lighting at the front of properties on Great Pulteney Street has won an award at the Georgian Group’s Architectural Awards 2019. Together with the conservation and restoration of historic  street signs across Bath, the overthrow lighting jointly won the Streetscape Initiative award.

With the support of the City of Bath World Heritage Enhancement Fund, PERA has been a key part of the initiative to reinstate overthrow lighting on Great Pulteney Street. It has been very rewarding to see traditional Georgian ironwork illuminating the beautiful houses along the street and the award judges felt that it was appropriate to celebrate such a positive and innovative scheme.

We would like to express special thanks to local residents and Ironart of Bath. Ironart of Bath has expertly fabricated and installed the overthrows, but this initiative would not have been possible without the support of local residents who have funded the cost of the work.

If you live on Great Pulteney Street or other roads in the area where overthrows would have been an original feature of the property, and you would like to reinstate your overthrow, please contact Nigel Websper at nigel@pulteneyestates.co.uk.

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