The PERA area lies on the Avon floodplain and has been subject to flooding in the past. The area has not flooded since the completion of the Bath Flood Protection Scheme in 1974. There is a great deal of information available via the links shown below, some of which needs careful interpretation.

Members of the PERA committee have been engaged for several years in discussions with the Environment Agency, B&NES officials and B&NES Cabinet members on the subject of flooding in residential areas of Bath. If you wish to find out more about flooding Ian Herve is the committee member responsible and he is very happy to discuss matters with any members.

For those wanting to read up further on this subject, there is much useful information on the Environment Agency website and the link below will connect to the most relevant page. The committee recommends members to register for automatic flood warnings on this page.

For an update from the Environment Agency on the current position in Bath. Please click the link below

Here is a summary of important contact:

Blocked highway gullies and drains Report highway flooding and blocked gullies or drains to the Council via Council Connect. Council Connect provide a specific online form to report highway flooding and blocked gullies. Please note the Council does not provide a sandbag service. Read more about our sandbag policy
Burst water main Bristol Water (0800 801 011) for mains supply in Bath & North East Somerset (except for Bath area)
Wessex Water (0345 600 4 600) mains supply in Bath area.
Sewer Flooding Wessex Water (0345 600 4 600) for sewers anywhere in Bath & North East Somerset
Flooding from watercourses (ditches, streams and rivers) Watercourses are split into two categories: Main Rivers and Ordinary Watercourses. See the types of flooding page for an explanation.
For Main River flooding
Contact the Environment Agency 24 hour incident hotline: 0345 988 1188.
For Ordinary Watercourse flooding
Report the incident to the Council via Council Connect. You can also complete an online Drainage and Flooding form
River polluted with sewage Environment Agency 0345 988 1188

Under the Flood and Water Management Act (2010), Bath & North East Somerset Council is designated as the Lead Local Flood Authority for the area and has certain responsibilities for managing flood risk from ‘local’ sources.

Information can be found here:

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