PERA is committed to safeguarding our members’ personal information. The information provided to us will not be sold to any third party by PERA. It will not be disclosed to any third party for any purpose unless agreed by you. We will only collect personal information from those who apply for membership of PERA. We will only use this information to inform you about PERA events and other local news, events or issues you may be interested in. Our Privacy Policy covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer and store your information. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our policy.

Why we collect your information

As a local Residents’ Association PERA collects information about members for the following purposes:

  • Administration of its membership list and of its membership subscriptions
  • Communication with its members concerning its meetings, events, issues that may impact you, and projects
  • Maintenance of information recording current preferences of members with regard to the method of communication PERA uses with them

The information PERA holds
PERA holds the names and addresses of members, and also holds (if provided) members’ telephone numbers and email addresses. Only the PERA Social Secretary, Chair, and Membership Secretary have access to the database in which this information about individual members (“member information”) is stored. Member information may from time to time be shared with the PERA Treasurer in connection with administration of membership and subscriptions or with one or more PERA Committee members strictly for use on behalf of PERA for the above-identified purposes.

How PERA collects your information

PERA collects your member information from you, for example from your application (on an application form or otherwise) at the time of your requesting to join PERA.

How long is the information kept?

Your member information will be kept as long as you remain a member of PERA.
Information on an individual whose membership has lapsed by non-payment of their subscription will be removed within six months of the end of the calendar year in which the subscription fell due. Any individual whose membership has lapsed or any member resigning their membership may request removal of their information, in which case this will be implemented within 14 days of the request.
Member information PERA stores is the minimum information necessary for administering membership and subscriptions. Therefore, if any member objects to storing of their member information, they will unfortunately not be able to continue as a member.

Sharing of information with third parties
PERA does not sell, provide or supply member information to third parties for commercial purposes or for financial gain. Your member information will not be shared with any third party without your prior consent except where it is necessary to do so to fulfil our objectives (for example, when your name and address are given to a mailing house or distributor so that a PERA communication can be dispatched to you or where PERA engages a contractor or consultant to reconfigure, upgrade or renew software or hardware systems employed to process membership data), in which case the information shared will be strictly limited to the data required to perform such functions.

Contact details for requests for removal of information

Requests for removal of personal information should be directed to the Membership Secretary. Contact details of the current Membership Secretary can be found here or you can contact the Chair or Social Secretary who will inform the Membership Secretary.