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PERA 2016 Membership Subscriptions


 Renewal of Subscriptions.

March is the month when we renew our subscriptions to the Pulteney Estates Residents' Association. Most people do this by standing orders through their banks, but there are some members who do not trust our banking system and pay by cash. If you are one of those please could you forward your chequers payable to Pulteney Estates Residents' Association or cash to our Treasurer at 77, Great Pulteney Street.

Membership fee is £5 for a single member or £25 for a house with multiple occupation.  


Become a member

The benefits of membership:

  • PERA has a track record of achieving results where homeowners/tenants acting alone can struggle to be heard. There is strength in numbers. We speak for some 600 residents, which is why politicians, public servants and decision-makers listen to PERA.
  • PERA maintains a watching brief on major local developments, flagging up those which have the potential significantly to impact your lifestyle. Whenever such projects are being publicly discussed, one of the PERA committee will aim to be there, attending on your behalf to:  * gain a first-hand understanding of the issues  * articulate the views of PERA members, and following the debate, * report back to you via our website/newsletter.
  •  PERA membership calls for no time-commitment on your part. On the contrary, membership can save you time by offering tips and advice on local residential matters, and by helping to put your concerns before the right people.PERA operates on a democratic basis and is not affiliated to any political party or business. All of its committee members live within the Pulteney Estate. They give their time on an unpaid basis and bring a wealth of experience to working in our community's interest.

We hope you'll join your fellow residents in our association and that you'll regard the annual membership fee as the best £5 you spend this year.

Cindi Cooper

If you are interested in becoming a Member please download the following Membership Application form - print the form out and deliver it to the Membership Secretary.