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Georgian Illuminators

Georgian Illuminator outside #77 Great Pulteney Street

Can you help reinstate the illuminations of Georgian Bath?

Residents and visitors appear to be delighted by the newly reinstated overthrows in the Pulteney Estate. These lanterns, which are supported high on scrolling iron brackets rising up from street railings, once adorned most of the houses in our area, with our ancestors obliged by law to keep them alight, for the public good. Bath lost numerous Georgian architectural treasures during the 20th century, including much of this street lighting. If, however, this generation can bring back long-lost nocturnal vistas, once so characteristic of the Georgian city, it would be to the delight and benefit of lovers of Bath the world over.

PERA continues to lead the project to reinstate this 18th-century street furniture. It is very much a community initiative, with help generously given by many, in order to progress from an historical survey, to the installation of a prototype approved by all relevant bodies. Moreover, with these lanterns adding nothing by way of financial value to a property, we salute those residents who have let their hearts rule their heads by funding an overthrow for their building. However, for a number of reasons, not least cost, the project is now in danger of grinding to a halt. For example, it is unreasonable to expect those charities and other not-for-profit organisations which own many properties in the area, to shoulder such an expense.

To address these challenges, PERA will this year launch an appeal, supported by a number of respected figures, in order to help raise awareness of this unique project, and to seek donations and sponsorship. If you would like to know more, please email Christopher Wright: .




Georgian Illuminators

An exquisite example of the reinstated Georgian Illuminator at no. 77 Great Pulteney Street. Another example of the Georgian Illuminator outside no. 24 Great Pulteney Street.