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  • Mulled wine & mince pies!! - at PERA XMAS Social on Tues Dec 12th. Details here

  • Volunteer at The Museum of East Asian Art. Details here
  • Bath Croquet Club Open Afternoon on Sat April 22nd. Details here
  • Go Wild in Henrietta Park - Fun & Forage Day on Sun May 7th. Details here
  • PERA Summer Garden Party on the Rec on Sat June 17th. Details here



If you are a member and would like the username and password to access the Members only section, please email your details to info@pulteneyestates.co.uk and we will send the information across to you.




Welcome to Pulteney Estates .....

Welcome to the PERA website. Although these are early days, the site will, over time, offer a mine of useful information for those who live within the Pulteney Estate, as well as providing a means of rapid communication with regard to local issues and concerns.

PERA is one of the most proactive and influential groups of its kind in Bath, with a track record of achieving results when homeowners/tenants acting alone can struggle to be heard. PERA operates on a democratic basis and is not affiliated to any political party or business. Local authorities, policy makers, public servants and other decision makers listen to our association because it speaks for some 600 residents in a concentrated geographic area.

We hope you'll visit your site regularly, both to read the useful tips sent in by your fellow residents and also to email us a few of your own. For example, following a spate of nightime thefts of roofing lead in our area, we're pleased to pass on advice from a PERA member regarding the benefits of 'Smart Water', together with information from your local police, plus contact numbers which will put you directly in touch with the officer handling these crimes.

We are also members of FOBRA, Federation of Bath Residents' Associations, working together for the good of the city of Bath. Representatives from FOBRA regularly meet with Council Leaders, elected members, officers and the Police to speak on behalf of the local residents. In addition, they represent Bath at the National Organisation of Residents' Associations.

Valuable benefits for members

If you're a PERA member, you can also access website pages exclusive to you, simply by clicking on 'Member Login' on the right of the toolbar and then entering your username and password and click submit.

These members-only pages typically feature useful local knowledge; also contact details for local services and public officials.

Members can also email to ask for pointers as to who to call regarding intractable problems which fall with PERA's remit. For instance, in a city where visitors outnumber residents by 50 to 1, litter will always be an issue. Our area ranked as among Bath's best-kept, safest and most desirable in which to live, thanks in no small part to those PERA volunteers who adopt a street. But exactly how do you go about calling in the refuse collectors over a weekend, when Council Connect is on voicemail and your doorstep has accumulated a pile of rubbish from the night before? Two members in Laura Place used to be plagued with this nuisance until PERA showed them how to get results. Log in your member code to discover more.

Join PERA and enjoy exclusive benefits for £5 p.a.

When it comes to keeping public services up to standard and being heard on local issues, it is undeniable that there is strength in numbers. Membership calls for no time-commitment on your part. On the contrary, PERA can save you time by helping you to put queries and concerns you may have about local residential matters directly before the right people. We hope you'll join your fellow residents in your local association and that you'll regard the annual fee as the best £5 you spend this year.

Nigel Websper

Chairman, PERA



Only residents/property owners in the following streets are entitled to vote at the AGM: Great Pulteney Street, Pulteney Mews, Laura Place, William Street, Sunderland Street, Johnstone Street, Edward Street, Vane Street, Henrietta Street, Sutton Street, Daniel Street, Daniel Mews, Sydney Place, Beckford Road, Bathwick Street, Sydney Mews, Darlington Street, Darlington Road, Vellore Lane, Sydney Road.